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Contributions to this NMR database were done by the following people (alphabetical order, real names are given where users checked the "I want my real name to appear on the credits page" checkbox or the earlier "I want my real name to appear in the Hall of Fame" checkbox on the registration page. Setting can be changed on the personal page at any time):

UserNumber of submits
2007 Marco Antonio Silva Cabral44
abegaz Berhanu3
Açucena Açucena Pinto10
Bartusseck Karin26
Baumann Wolfgang49
Bernat Slava2
Beutler John10
Bitzer Jens19
Bochum Roadshow2
Böhm Maximilian1
Bohn Kristin111
Braeutigam Patrick444
Campbell Matthew1
Colwell Curtis6
COPPEL Yannick2
Dathe Susanne511
Deng Yi60
Ditfe Toni1
Dransfeld Alk56
Dubinnyi Maxim1
Ellinger Renate77
Ernst Ludger17
Fang Qing3
Fares Christophe890
Feng Liubin3
Gericke Martin186
Graf Jürgen25
Guo Kai4
Halta Hassan1
HÄUBL Georg1
henderson jay2
Ivanov Igor1
Johnson Sean24
kabuki akira2
Koepler Oliver2
Komber Hartmut2
Kosata Beda1
Kuhn Stefan673
Kümmerer Nadine12
Kunze Markus1
Kuznik Nikodem119
Larison Taylor9
Liermann Johannes7
Liermann Johannes32
Liu Yeuk-chuen1
Lorance Ted10
Mineev Konstantin2
Mitchell Miguel20
Mueller Reto16
Naumann Daniela81
Nauth Alexander M.7
Nebe Marco11
Nero Josh1
Nero Josh1
Niclas Till8
Patel Bhadresh305
Prakash Namrata356
Resende João1
RicardoMBorges Ricardo878
Schà Rolf1
Schlörer Nils295
Schneider Bernd2
Sevenich Adrian8
Steinbeck Christoph15
Stenutz Roland6
Stien Didier2
Thomas Steffen1
Willighagen Egon1096
zhang Charlie2

nmrshiftdb2 is open-source software. If you are interested in its development, you should go to the nmrshiftdb2 developers' page.

Contributions to the nmrshiftdb2 software were done by (alphabetical order):

William Hull
Stefan Krause
Stefan Kuhn
Günther Schneider
Christoph Steinbeck

Obviously we did not do everything ourselves, but used a lot of other software, mostly free software as well. A full list of used software with their licensing conditions is available. The most important ones are:

  • The Java SDK. nmrshiftdb2 is a Java program, compiled and running with the Java SDK by Sun Microsystems.

  • The application on www.nmrshiftdb.org is currently running under the Tomcat application server and the apache web server.

  • Our application is built on Jetspeed, a portal framework by the Apache project, which in turn is based on Turbine, also by Apache.

  • Graphs on the front page are made with jcharts.

  • For internal handling of chemical structures, the CDK was used.

  • For structure input, we use MarvinJS by ChemAxon.

  • The applets showing molecules are JChemPaint applets, part of the CDK project (until release 1.4.4 they were also used for input).

  • 3D structures are shown via the JMol applets.

  • Icons made by SimpleIcon and Business Dubai from flaticon.com licensed by CC 3.0 BY are used.

  • We used sourceforge.net for organising the project. You can also find everthing about nmrshiftdb2 there!

The development of the original nmrshiftdb2 software and initial hosting was supported by the Max-Planck-Institute of Chemical Ecology, Jena, the CUBIC centre at Universität zu Köln, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the European Bioinformatics Institute.

The nmrshiftdb2 software is based on NMRShiftDB and is developed by private contributions. If you want to support the project in any form, contact the administrator.

All IUPAC Names listed within the nmrshiftdb2 DB have been generated with ACD/Name. ACD/Name is the quality standard in systematic nomenclature software. ACD/Labs also offers commercial solutions for NMR prediction (H1, C13, N15, F19, P31 and 2D NMR) and the largest commercial content databases in the world.

This server is provided by: Uni Koeln, Department Chemie, NMR


nmrshiftdb2 (V. 1.4.15, nmrshiftdb.nmr.uni-koeln.de, currently 8333 users, 5930325 since 2010-12-14 23:09:00.0) © NMRShiftDB project 2002-2010, © Stefan Kuhn 2010 - 2024.